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What to expect at your appointment

Every person is different. Your physiotherapist will tailor your session to suit your particular needs and state of health.

A ‘typical’ session will involve:

  • Taking a thorough history and examination to determine a diagnosis of your condition and needs
  • Realistic goal-setting so you know what’s involved
  • Creating a management plan that works with your lifestyle, activities and general health
  • Recommending an exercise program and physical aids if required

Your first appointment will take around 45 minutes and we suggest you allow 30 minutes for follow-up appointments.

General Physiotherapy

Whether you have a specific injury or you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from general wear and tear, our physiotherapists will take the time to diagnose the problem and prescribe a course of action to get you moving again.

Common conditions that benefit from physiotherapy include:

  • Shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain and sciatica
  • Neck strain
  • Foot and ankle conditions
  • Knee pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • All sports injuries

Sports Physiotherapy

We all love to keep active, but sometimes sports injuries can hold us back. Our specialist sports physiotherapists are skilled at identifying the problem and recommending treatment to get you back into your favourite sporting activity. Our experience working with professional sportspeople gives us insight into how even the fittest athlete can benefit from a little treatment. Read more about our sports physiotherapy treatment.

General & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Step by step, our management of your health after an accident or an operation will get you moving comfortably again. We work closely with your GP and specialist to plan and manage your treatment.

In particular, we help patients with treatment following:

  • Joint replacements
  • Joint reconstructions
  • Post-fractures

Training & Exercise Prescription

Planning to go skiing or going on a walking holiday? To make the most of your trip it helps to be prepared. Speak to us about devising a tailored program of exercises to strengthen your body and reduce the chance of injury. That way, you can enjoy every minute of your holiday.

Fitness Programs

Looking to increase your general fitness? We encourage you to speak to us before you start your fitness regime. We’ll help you avoid injury and support your healthier lifestyle.

Dry Needling

Have you ever considered dry needling? Dry needling is conducted by physiotherapists who have furthered their studies in order to provide this specialised technique. Dry needling uses a solid, filament needle similar to that used in the practice of acupuncture. While this sounds a bit scary, the process is relatively painless.


How Does Dry Needling Compare To Acupuncture?

Acupuncture and dry needling techniques may be similar but their rationale and use in treatment are quite different. Acupuncture focuses on meridian points whilst dry needling attempts to normalise muscle spasm.

For example, if you’re experiencing shoulder pain from spending too much time working on your computer, a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist will needle the top of your shoulder to stimulate your gall bladder channel. Treating the same area of the body, the dry needling technique is used to relax the tight muscle that is making you uncomfortable.

A number of the physiotherapists at The Oval Physiotherapy are trained in dry needling and may consider using this technique as part of your treatment.

Kinesio Taping

You may have noticed a lot of athletes on television with brightly coloured tape appearing from beneath their shorts or jerseys and wondered “what is that?”. Well that is Kinesio Tape or Rock Tape. This style of taping is different to regular strapping tape as it stretches and is therefore more comfortable to wear.

Kinesio tape or Rock Tape is not designed to stop a body part moving (like normal preventative ankle taping). It moves with the skin to help promote lymphatic drainage and improve muscle function.

For several years now, a number of the physiotherapists at The Oval Physiotherapy have been using these tapes to help their clients. We love the options that this tape provides.

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