Knee Pain


Knee pain and injuries are regularly treated by our expert sports physiotherapists.

Knees have an important weight-bearing function and require stability, flexibility and strength.

Factors that contribute to knee pain are:

  • Twisting or pivoting injuries during sport

  • Sustained flexed postures

  • Repetitive impact loading

  • Arthritic changes

Common symptoms of knee problems include:

  • Pain when arising from a chair or getting out of a car

  •  Difficulty squatting or kneeling down

  •  Catching, locking or giving way

  •  Discomfort going up or down stairs


Physiotherapy treatment for you knee pain

The first step to recovery is a thorough history and examination of your knee injury. Your physiotherapist will then diagnose the cause of your pain.

We will treat your knee with techniques to reduce the pain including kneecap taping, exercises for increased mobility and strength, and associated rehabilitation techniques.

We will guide you to a safe return to sport and other normal activities.

Physiotherapy is an essential component of post-operative rehabilitation following knee surgery. Our tailored treatment and exercise program will help restore the range of motion and strength of your knee post-surgery.

If you are experiencing knee pain, have your condition assessed promptly by our expert physiotherapists.

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