Ankle Sprain


Ankle sprain and foot pain are common problems. We spend so much time on our feet and often subject these joints to high loads.

What is an ankle sprain?

The ankle joint is made up of four bones shaped to make the joint stable. Ligaments provide further joint stability. Ligaments are bands of strong, fibrous tissue that guide movement and prevent the joint from moving too much.

Accidentally ‘rolling your ankle’ as your foot hits the ground can sometimes result in an ankle sprain.

To treat your ankle, your physiotherapist will take this approach:

  • We assess your ankle to determine the severity and type of injury that has occurred

  • We then provide the appropriate treatment to promote healing and recovery

  • To ensure you stay on your feet, we recommend strategies and a simple exercise program to prevent future sprains and improve performance of the joint

Let us treat your ankle pain.

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