Neck Pain


Physiotherapy is a proven and effective treatment for neck pain.

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Injury, such as whiplash or a fall

  • Poor posture

  • Sitting at a computer for too long

  • Sleeping in an awkward position

  • Degeneration of the vertebrae or discs, which is common as we age

Your head is relatively heavy compared to the seven bones (vertebrae) that support it. The vertebrae are separated from each other by discs, stabilised by ligaments and moved by muscles. Because your neck is mobile, it is prone to injury and wear and tear.

Common symptoms of neck injuries:

  • Neck pain both at rest and when you move

  • Restricted range of motion in the neck and upper back

  • Headaches

  •  Pain radiating down either arm

  •  Numbness or tingling down the arm into the fingers

  •  Chronic ache in the neck and upper back when sleeping, driving or at work


Physiotherapy treatment of neck pain includes:

  • Finding the source of the pain and identifying how it behaves indicates to the physio where the underlying pathology might be and what treatment is required.

  • We first take a look at the posture of the trunk, neck, shoulders and arms. A humped thoracic spine with rounded shoulders and a poking chin are common postures which can lead to pain.

  • We then assess the range of motion in your neck, as well as the muscle strength and reflexes.

  • We apply the appropriate hands-on treatment to relieve the pain, including the use of gentle massage and joint mobilisation techniques.

  • Typically, your treatment includes an exercise program, nerve mobilising techniques, correction of poor posture, trunk segmental mobilisation and strengthening of the deep flexor muscles of the cervical spine.

If you’re experiencing pain or stiffness, it’s best to have one of our highly trained physiotherapists examine your neck.

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